DATE OF BITRH : 22nd of October, 1971

  ADDRESS: 4 Thicket Avenue, Bristol, BS16 4DH

  PHONE: +44 (0)7749122151

  EMAIL: smoleanu@yahoo.com

  STUDIES: 1990 – 1994 Ecological University, Faculty of Arts, Bucharest, acting section, class Marcel Iureş and Alexandru Dabija






  • “Dr. Pandele” in “The Graduation”, directed by Cristian Mungiu (2016);
  • “Caporal Buscu” in “The White Gate”, directed by Nicolae Margineanu (2014);
  • “Marian” in “Bucharest Non-Stop”, directed by Dan Chisu (2013);
  • “Vasile- Housekeeper” in “Déjà vu”, directed by Dan Chisu (2013);
  • Buzila in “Chasing Rainbows”, directed by Dan Chisu (2012);
  • The gas station man in “The bear”, directed by Dan Chisu (2011);
  • The driver in “Crossing dates”, directed by Anca Damian (2009);
  • Nea Bebe in “Fly over a turkey hen’s nest”  directed by Ovidiu Georgescu (2003).



“The Vault Festival London”:

  • The Man With The Newspaper in “What shall we do with the cello” by Matei Vișniec directed by Vasile Nedelcu (February 2017).

“V.I. Popa” Theater, Barlad:

  • Grumio in “ The Taming of the Shrew ”by William Shakespeare, directed by Dorin Mihailescu;
  • The orator in “The Chaires” by Eugen Ionescu, directed by Dorin Mihailescu.

„Andrei Mureşanu” Theater, St. George:

  • Paraschiv in „Groapa din tavan” by Matei Vişniec, directed by Bogdan Voicu (season 1995-1996);
  • The son in „ Espinoza’s return” by Radu Macrinici, directed by Bogdan Voicu (1996-1997 season).

„Toma Caragiu” Theater, Ploieşti:

  • Vlad in „ Party in a grand piano” by Mihai Ispirescu, directed by Lucian Sabados (2001-2002 season);
  • The doctor in „Honorable Citizens” by Siposhegyi Péter, directed by Szabo K. Istvan (2001-2002 season);
  • Canciano in „The Boors” by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Lucian Sabados;
  • Semion in „Vassa Jeleznova” by M.Gorki, directed by Alice Barb;
  • Andrei in „The Three Sisters”, by A.P.Cehov, directed by Al.Dabija;
  • Vasili in „The Audition” by Al.Galin, directed by Alice Barb;
  • Alec in „Key For Two” by John Chapman si Dave Freedman, directed by Lucian Sabados;
  • The School Director in „Plasticine” by Vasili Sigarev, directed by Radu Afrim;
  • Marteau in „ Le voyage de Monsieur Perrichon ” by E. Labiche, directed by Al. Dabija;
  • Arturo in „La Grande Magia” by Eduardo de Filippo, directed by Gelu Colceag;
  • Klesci in „The Night Shelter ” by M. Gorki, directed by Cristi Juncu;
  • Pierrot in„Don Juan” by B.P. Moliere, directed by Laszlo Bocsardi;
  • Traian in „And Bjork…of course” by Thorvaldur Thorsteinsson, directed by Radu Afrim;
  • Epaminond Maximovici Aplombov in „The Price of Love”, inspired by The Wedding and A Marriage Proposal by A.P. Cehov, directed by Al.Dabija;
  • Stephano in „The Tempest” by W.Shakespeare, directed by Cristi Juncu;
  • Lee in „True West” by Sam Shepard, directed by Dragos Campan;
  • Gonzalo in “Don Juan, or the Love of Geometry” by Max Frisch, directed by Mariana Camarasan and Alexandra Penciuc;
  • Şamraev in „The Seagull” by A.P.Cehov, directed by Andreea Vulpe;
  • Jonny PateenMike in “ The Cripple of Inishmaan ” by Martin McDonagh, directed by Cristi Juncu.

„Arcub” Theater, Bucharest:

  • Ivan Petrovici Bugrov in “A Living Chattel” by Nicolae Urs, inspired by A.P.Cehov’s novel, directed by Dragos Campan.



  •  2013 Gopo’s Awards: Nomination, “Best Supporting Actor” for the role “Buzila” in “Chasing Rainbows”, directed by Dan Chisu;
  • 2013 Romanian Cinematographers Society Awards: Winner, “Best Supporting Actor” for the role “Buzila” in “Chasing Rainbows”, directed by Dan Chisu.